STD Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be swabbed?
No. The test does not require a swab  culture.

Will I have to remove my clothes?
No. You will not be examined. If your test requires a urine sample, you will use a private bathroom.

Does it matter when I test for an STD?
Yes, if you have contracted an STD, it is extremely important for your health to seek treatment right away. Irreversible health problems can result if not diagnosed and treated promptly.

When will my results be ready?
Results are typically ready within 3 days. HIV tests sometimes take up to 5 days.

Are individual tests available?
Yes. We recommend testing for all 8 diseases with the 8 Panel Test, but individual tests are available to order.

Can I test for HPV?
No, we currently do not provide testing for HPV as the HPV test requires a swab sample from a physician.

What will show up on my credit card?
A non-descript charge will appear on your credit card from PHN Services.

What if I do not wish to use my credit card?
You can also pay by Western Union money order before testing. You may also wish to consider paying with Google Checkout.

Do I need to provide my real name?
No. You can register and test with a made up name. For billing purposes you will have to use your name, however your billing information is not associated with the results of your test, it is only used to process the payment.

Can I eat the day of the test?
Yes. The results of this type of test will not be effected by eating the day of your test.

Can I test the same day that I order the test?
Yes. You can test the same day that you order the test (please refer to your lab hours by searching the location).

Do I have to test the same day that I order the test?
No. You can test at your earliest convenience, however we recommend testing as soon as possible.

What if I am positive?
If your results are positive, a phone consutation will be scheduled for you with a doctor to review your results and your treatment plan.

Is there a cure for herpes?
No. There is currently not a cure for herpes, however recent advances on medicine have made living with herpes much more manageable and can control the frequency and severity of outbreaks. Especially if diagnosed early.

Is there a cure for HIV?
There is no known cure for HIV or AIDs however with proper medical treatment, some patients have go on to live long, happy lives.

Is there a cure for Chlamydia?
Yes. Antibiotics are used to treat chlamydia

Is there a cure for Gonorrhea?
Yes. Antibiotics are used to treat gonorrhea

Is there a cure for Syphilis
Yes. Antibiotics are used to treat syphilis